Kinems Ho-ho-holiday Activities for Learning & Fun

Wouldn’t be fun to use the winter holiday themes to motivate learning? Look down for some Kinems engaging ways to capture the season while focusing on improving skills!
Don’t miss the Kinems holiday activity packages which can be used “touchless” and movement-based with the Kinect caremera OR can be used online on any device: laptop, chromebook, tablet or desktop!

🎁 Have you tried the Paleo game to improve cognitive skills?

Paleo is a movement game that will help your kids learn how to concentrate on a task, ignore outside interference and enrich their cognitive training. Children enter an ancient world where they play a character, prehistoric man or woman, and have to move their body left or right to collect gifts according to their answers to the problem and/or task.
This unique activity helps students improve spatial working memory, attention, visual processing and motor planning. Find holiday themed libraries to add to the Paleo fun!

🎁 Use the Tika Bubble game to Match Holiday objects with their initial letter

Your students will have fun entering the imaginary world of a “tribe,” recognising pairs of related items and using movement to capture the bubbles, bang them together to score!
This unique activity helps the student improve eye-hand coordination for both sides of her/his upper body as well as help in linguistic development and visual perception. Look for the holiday library when you choose this game!

🎄 Practice word-building and sentence-creation skills with Spot On

Have fun with your students by creating words with a holiday-theme, such as: Reindeer, Snowflake, Gingerbread, and Candy Cane!
The Spot On game is designed to practice foundational ELA skills, promote spatial awareness and visual-motor perception. Find the holiday library when you choose Spot on for some themed activities that challenge while learning!

🔔 How can you access these activities?

Το add the games to your students’ playlist, click on the Learning Goal tab, Select ELA or MATH, Select Grade and type Season on the search engine to find and add the corresponding Holiday learning activities.

We hope we help you make the holiday month merry and bright while still learning and practicing skills.

We wish you Happy Holidays and the most relaxing and joyful break!

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